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Information on collection and use of personal information

Diogene (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") collects and uses the minimum amount of personal information necessary for the following reasons:
[Items of personal information collected]
- Required information : name,e-mail,hospital or company name

[Period of retention and use of personal information]
Personal information will be retained for the following specified periods for the company's ongoing start-up consultation and the provision of start-up-related
information: However, if you request the correction, suspension or deletion of personal information separately, the Company will immediately accept your
request in accordance with internal procedures.

- 3 years from the date of creation
[Right to opt-out of consent to collect personal information] Have the right to refuse to consent to the collection of this personal information. However, if you
refuse to consent to the collection of personal information corresponding to the required items, you will not be able to use the inquiry and business partnership service.