Core technology

DIOGENE’s unique molecular diagnosis technology

DLP technology, a patented
technology for simultaneous
multi-gene amplification,
innovative by DIOGENE

*DPL (Dumbell Like-structure Primer)

DIOGENE's DLP technology is a patented technology optimized for PCR diagnosis.

Optimized multi-diagnosis technology.

Technology that can accurately detect single nucleotide polymorphisms or even trace mutations.

A technology that allows free design and suppresses the generation of non-specific PCR products.

It is a technology that guarantees high accuracy.

Based on its differentiated DLP and DLP application technology, Diogene continues to expand its range of molecular diagnostic areas, such as multiple pathogens, SNP detection, and Genotyping.

Introduction of DLP patent technology

1. DLP structure & principle

DLP Primer has two priming site due to the insertion of polydeoxyinosine [poly(I)] linker.
With this dual priming, only target's genes are specifically amplified.

A DLP System

1)3'-end (Stabilizer): 3'-target base region having a nucleotide sequence complementary to the 5'-end

2)5'-end (Determiner): 5'-target base region having a nucleotide sequence complementary to the 3'-end

3)Deoxyinosine linker: a regulatory region that structurally and functionally connects the 5’-end and the 3’-end

2. DLP features

DLP reduces the time and effort required to optimize PCR conditions, giving you more freedom to design than regular primer for primer design conditions such as Primer length, GC content, annealing temperature, and sequence.

A. Standard Primer structure
B. DLP Primer structure


DLP also has high specificity under various annealing temperature conditions.

Continental primer represents specificity only at certain high annealing temperatures, and a lower annealing temperature produces false products, such as non-special band. (lanes 1 and 2)

DLPTM primer can only increase the exact Target gene even if annealing temperatures change. (Lane 3 and 4)
Lane 1, 2 : Conventional Primer
Lane 3, 4 : DLPTM Primer
Lane 1, 3 : Negative control
Lane 2, 4 : Positive control


Only target sequences are accurately amplified, even under conditions with a high GC content (%).
Multiplex PCR with Continental primer cannot accurately amplify targets due to the competition between primers, dimmer formation, and different annealing temperatures. (Lane2, 4)

In multiplex PCR with DLPTM, only the special target band is accurately amplified by due to due priming inhibiting dimmer and hairpin formation between primers. (Lane 1, 3)


A variety of molecular diagnostic applications are possible.

Multiple pathogen detection : Simultaneously scan various causative agents and viruses at once

Multiple genotyping : Genotyping, subtype screening of various pathogens

Multiple SNP mutation detection : Drug resistance, genetic disease mutation testing, cancer diagnosis test