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  • Recruiting information

    DIOGENE Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the FIELD OF BIO-TECHNOLOGY, the foundation of the future knowledge industry. In particular, we focus on research on molecular diagnostics and treatment, and we are working to combine the findings into the field of healthcare to practically prevent diseases and contribute to treatment so that humanity can lead healthy lives. It is full of humanity and morality with a strong calling for healthy life of humanity and a willingness to pioneer the future are characteristics Diogene is searching for.

  • Recruiting process

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      Submit application

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    • 04

      Physical examination

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      Final notice

  • Employment application

    Applicants must download and fill out the form and submit an email to the hiring manager. Your application will be kept in the Human Resources DB for a certain period of time.
    +82 31-701-6488
    +82 31-706-0832
  • Others

    • Other attached documents (graduation/transcript, career certificate, various eligibility licenses, etc.) will be submitted only to interviewees.
    • Acceptance will be cancel if we found the application description is found to be false.
    • In accordance with government law, National reward recipients are given preferential treatment.
    • For more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Job opening

Applicants are asked to download the form below, fill it out and submit an e-mail to the recruiter.

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  • Recruitment inquiry : Tel +82 31-701-6488 / Fax +82 31-706-0832