Gut microbiome testing service

Gut microbiome testing service

The gut microbiome is another ecosystem and universe within our body.

There are more microbes than cells in our gut.The gut microbes that coexist with us not only help digest food, but alsoIt plays a number of important roles in maintaining a healthy body, such as immunity and metabolic activity.Also, if you make the intestinal environment healthy, you can prevent new viral diseases as well as underlying diseases such as mental illness, obesity, high blood pressure, and cancer.

The role of the gut microbiome
In charge of digesting and absorbing food.
  • Food is finely sliced in the small intestine, transferred to the liver, fed into cells through blood, and based on this in the mitochondria, an intracellular power plant, it generates the energy needed for physical activity.
  • At this time, the intestinal microorganisms break down ovarian carbohydrates that the human body cannot digest.
In charge of immunity.
  • The ideal intra-intestinal environment is when configuring 25-30% beneficial bacteria, 5-15% harmful bacteria, and 60-65% intermediate bacteria. By the way, the problem is intermediate bacteria. Intermediate bacteria help beneficial bacteria when they are high, but if they prevail, they help harmful bacteria.
  • Intermediate bacteria help beneficial bacteria when they are high, but if they prevail, they help harmful bacteria.
  • Some people get food poisoning and are hospitalized even though they ate the same food at the same table, and some are okay because the intestinal environment is different for each individual.
  • Other mental problems such as hepatitis, diabetes, cancer, as well as autism and depression are closely related to the gut environment.
It is a synthetic place of enzymes and vitamins necessary for life activities.
  • The gut plays a place where the gut microbiome synthesizes enzymes and vitamins.
  • Enzymes secreted by the gut microbiome help our body's metabolism and vital activity, and vitamin K, synthesized by microorganisms, affect blood clotting and calcium metabolism.

Can I change the type of gut microbiome?

It's possible. Improving eating habits can change the composition of your gut microbiome. Based on the test results of the this test recommends foods and nutrients to create a better gut environment.

What factors affect the number and composition of intestinal microbial species?

Antibiotics and immunity are factors that affect the number and composition of microbial species. Taking antibiotics can worsen your gut environment. However, rather than stopping antibiotics, it is important to consult a specialist to create an environment where the gut microbiome can live in stages with a variety of diets and probiotics. In addition, if you lose immunity, you should build a strong body with a constant bio rhythm and a healthy diet.

Don't my eating habits match your gut microbiome type?

Intestinal microbial types can be immediately affected by a variety of factors, including taking antibiotics and exercising, as well as eating habits. Therefore, the test results and actual eating habits may differ.

After how long is it good to have the gut microbiome re-tested?

It takes at least three to six months for the gut microbiome to stably settle in the gut. Improve your gut health by following the solutions suggested in this test. It is recommended that you check your gut microbiome every six months to check for changing gut ecosystems.