CEO’s greeting

A global professional company in the field of genomic diagnosis and genomic therapy, leading the world's molecular diagnosis technology.

Based on Dumbell Like-Structure Primer (DLP), a source material for PCR for molecular diagnostics, DIOGENE will continue to strengthen its capabilities for multi-diagnostic and simultaneous multi-time molecular diagnostics to lead the global molecular diagnostics market while making a leap forward as a global specialist in customized healthcare and gene therapy.
DLP has attracted attention since the beginning of its invention due to its diagnostic-specific characteristics, and DIOGENE, which has been focused on its potential, has established unique primer manufacturing technology and currently has intellectual property rights in source materials and application technologies.
Based on its excellent primer technology, DLP and its application technology, Diogene has secured a unique gene diagnostic source technology that can be multi-diagnostic through continuous development efforts and accurately detect even single-base polymorphs or even very small mutations.
In particular, in the field of cancer-related diagnostics, we are confident that our technology has reached a level that goes beyond standing shoulder-to-shoulder with global diagnostic companies and is nearing the world's leading level. Diogene, which plays a pivotal role in gene diagnostics, hopes to contribute to human well-being by continuously developing and supplying accurate diagnostic products to the medical field based on the source technologies we have secured without neglecting our efforts to innovate technology.
Diogene is a company that puts customer satisfaction first and strives to strengthen our network with our customers and provide continuous customer support services. In addition, we will continue to expand our business area by expanding the scope of DLP's applications to various applications such as new drugs as well as diagnostics.
In line with the OPEN INNOVATION era, Diogene seeks to become a leader in the global genetic diagnostics market by establishing various partnerships with various organizations around the world and providing accurate gene diagnostic-based technologies for Diogene.
Stay tuned for the growth of Diogene

CEO Seong Sik Lim